Loving dogs since 1991


I have had a dog since I was born. My first dog was a Samoyed and his name was Kugel. He was white and I remember few about him.

Not actual dog

Not actual dog






  My second dog, was a Japanese Akita. I chose him when Iwas about 6-years-old. I named him Simba (I was 6, yes, I loved The Lion King) he died when he was 14 years old. I truly loved that dog. He was a really good looking dog until the day we had to put him down.


Not actual dog

Not actual dog



Few years after my family and I got Simba, a Beagle came to our lives. My mom adopted her because her previous family left her at the vet´s office and never came back. Her name was Babis, she was Simba’s friend, unfortunately Babis died when she was not too old. She was really fat and just passed away.

Not actual dog




My dad was really obsessed with getting a German Shepherd. We got our first one and his name was Hooch but he had dysplasia and we had to put him down when he was like 5-years-old. After Hooch, we got another one and his name was Porthos, he was about 8 months old when we had to put him down as he had a very severe dysplasia.  Those two were really sad stories, my dad was over with the idea of having a German Shephered, eventhough we loved them deeply.


After the German Shepherds, we only had Simba, and after the past two experiences we were not looking for more dogs. Until… One day my brother and I were at the pharmacy and a kid came in carrying a very small puppy and my brother asked if he could carry him, the boy said “Sure!” and gave the puppy to my brother and ran away. We came home with a small puppy and asked our parents if we could keep him, of course my dad said no at first, but after my mom helped to convince him, he said yes and we named him Max. Max is definitely one of the dogs I have felt more fond of. When my parents and my brother moved to the US, I stayed in Mexico and lived alone for a while, Max was my partner and my friend.

I was suppossed to take some vacations to the US with my parents and then go back to Mexico. I left Max with my aunt who is also a vet, not knowing that would be the last time I ever saw Max (I can feel the tears on my eyes as I keep writing). After a month, my parents convinced me to stay in the US to live with them. I had to leave everything behind, including Max and move on. I still cannot believe he is not longer with me.


This is my current dog, Malibu. He is a long haired Chihuahua and he is 5-years-old. He is a really spoiled dog and my family and I treat him like a little human. Sometimes he even eats at the table, no, it’s not disgusting and he has better manners than a lot of people I have met. He loves riding in the car. Unlike many Chihuahuas, he never shakes and he actually enjoys snow, a lot. I think he feels like a German Shepherd and actually acts like one at times, especially when he barks at bigger dogs. I do not know what I would do without him, I do not think I can bear another loss like the one I had with Max. I am still not over it.

As you can see, I have a long history with dogs. I think they are a basic element in my life, just as drinking water or sleeping. They are great companions, they are loyal and I can definitely relate to the saying “Dog’s are a man’s best friend”. Who ever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they definitely have not had a dog.


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