Top 5 dog breeds for children

  1. Bull Dog English Bull DogEasely adapts to a big house or a small apartment. Great at getting along with other pets and dogs. Not the most energetic dog, but friendly and docile.
  2. Beagle  BeaglePlayfull and ready to keep along all day with kids. Intelligent and friendly. Although this breed requires constant bathing and brushing,
  3. Golden Retriever   ImageExtremely patient and inteligent. This breed requires plenty of exercise and activities.
  4. Bull Terrier   ImageOften mistaken with the lager Pitbull, the Bull Terrier was bred to be a companion and friendly dog. The Bull Terrier is “kid’s resistant” and it can be good for kids who are learning how to treat and care for a dog. Really playful and they probably require more time to play with, making it a good dog for a large family.
  5. Newfoundland ImageGiagant size dog, you might want to consider if you have enough space for a dog this size. Top notch ability to swim, it is known that Newfoundland’s have saved lifes in emergency situations. They are really caring and protective with children.

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